make music daily / jeff pearce

"Make Music Daily" is my motto; how I strive to live my life. It reminds me to spend my time as deliberately as possible on things that matter. It doesn't have to be music, it doesn't have to be a lot of time, and it doesn't even have to be daily. The point is just to spend daily time on activities I find significant, and beware of allowing too much time to pass fruitlessly.

Emotion. Spaces. Rhythm. Textures. Soundscapes, Repetition. This is how I experience music, how I experience life, what I hope to express in my music. There's often an ominous undertone; even the happy songs can have something dark just beneath. This is the unknown life-changing event that may happen when you wake up tomorrow, next week, or in the not so distant future. I think it's important never to forget it's there, because it will find you eventually. Ultimately the knowledge should be uplifting, should move you to make the most of your time today, since the circumstances of tomorrow are unknown.

Audiosinner is my newest recording project. Audiosinner is all things electronic: dance, trance, techno, noise. You can listen to all of Audiosinner's tracks here.





Vente Caffeinato combines african drums, elements of jazz, and electronic music. The Vente Caffeinato CD "MOre Caffeinato" was released in 2007, and is available from your favorite electronic music store.