About Me

I currently work at GoDaddy as a Full Stack Architect and Manager in the Aftermarket area. I’m passionate about the developer experience, and am an active contributor to the Jenkins open source project.

My previous employers include Microsoft and EDS, and I’ve coded professionally in IBM System/360 Assembly, PL/I, COBOL, x86 Assembly, C, C++, C#,¬†Objective-C (all the C’s!), Swift, Java, and Javascript. After several decades in the industry I still love writing code!

I’m very passionate about pizza – in fact my Instagram feed is entirely dedicated to pizza. I’m also into cycling, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors in the Seattle area as often as possible.

I discovered FPV drones during the pandemic, and my latest passion is drone racing. Currently I race Tiny Whoops (small indoor drones) with the FPV Racing Seattle club and compete in online racing via Velocidrone. I hope to start racing larger drones this spring/summer (2022).